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We got fan mail! Little Alex loves his new bedtime book

We were so happy to see this lovely pic of Alex reading his new favourite bedtime story.

“We just received your story book today and read it to our son, Alex. Even before we got started he said ‘I like this book’, and when asked why he said because it had his boots and bar on. What a lovely story, a pleasure to read and it gave a great message to Alex about his important boots. Thank you for a fabulous book. Sarah, Phil and Alex.”

We love hearing from our cute fans, keep the messages coming please!


Aussie Clubfoot Kids Organisation

This fantastic organisation that supports families of babies born with clubfoot in Australia has ordered copies and will be selling ‘My Clever Night-Night Shoes’ to raise funds for their work.

Guest Book Review: My Clever Night-Night Shoes by Karen Mara Moss

We are ecstatic to have this review featured on another blog – thank you!

The Children's and Teens' Book Connection


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Publisher: Toffee Bee Books (February 28, 2014)
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Scary statistics bring home the fact that a child is born with clubfoot (talipes) every three minutes. The great news is that Dr Ignaçio Ponseti’s method for clubfoot treatment is over 95% successful. A crucial part of treatment is wearing a brace to hold the foot in the corrected position. Bracing is the best protection against relapse. Most children sleep in the brace until at least age four. But how do you get a child to wear the brace without them protesting or putting up a fight? My Clever Night-Night Shoes is a bedtime story for children who sleep with a brace to help keep their feet straight. The book is written by Karen Mara Moss, mom to a strong-willed child who had to be gently persuaded to wear his brace…

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Happy dance - we're in print!

We’re thrilled to have our first version of the book ready for sale. Launched on the anniversary of the inspiring Dr Seuss’ birthday – 2 March – it’s available on Amazon as an ebook download. There are plans for print versions for Australia, South Africa, and probably UK during March. Requests are also in for translations in Polish and Spanish – and it’s only our second day! We hope that the Ponseti kids will love their special bedtime book.

Night-night Bollywood

Bollywood star John Abraham is the new goodwill ambassador for CURE India’s clubfoot treatment programme. The brace is a big part of the success of the treatment, and needs a huge commitment from parents for at least four years. We love the idea, and the poster!